Location Second floor, Building A, Courtyard
Number of bedrooms 2
Property features 50 m2, non smoking,  fully equipped kitchen, block heater.
Amenities digital television
drip coffeemaker
Senseo coffeemaker
electric water kettle.
Beds 2 single beds with box springs per bedroom
Baths Bathroom with shower and toilet
Pets no
Property Amenities
Free parking
Free WiFi in all rooms
Bicycle rentals
Playground equipment
Laundry service
Breakfast buffet
Excellent restaurant

Spacious apartment, located entirely on the second floor of Building A. Please be advised that there is no elevator in the main building.

Cozily decorated living room. The compact bathroom with a shower and toilet is very efficient.

This apartment does not have a balcony, but is facing in a southwesterly direction, so it is very bright and cheery. It faces a neighboring building, and from the living room you also have a view of the little church of Den Hoorn.